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n0vax.eth's experience trading in traditional financial markets began a year prior to the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008. Having previously served in the financial advising sector as a registered securities & insurance agent for several multinational broker-dealers, he has a background of communicating complex financial instruments to retail customers and corporate clients alike. Between client appointments he managed the back office, innovating CRM & marketing solutions, managing a team of outbound telemarketers, and processing client orders & claims. novax.eth became interested in blockchain technology while completing a B.S. in Technological Entrepreneurship & Management at Arizona State University's Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering in 2017.

Having retired from his securities career to start a family and complete his education, novax.eth discoveed the social impact of editing short videos. Opportunities arose to work as a freelance video editor and technical director for several noteable personalities, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Del Bigtree. When several of his clients' social media accounts were censored his focus shifted to blockchain as a means of preserving freedom of expression. He completed his senior thesis exploring the possibilities of decentralized social media and documenting his experiences constructing & operating dedicated Proof-of-Work GPU-miners on the Ethereum blockchain.

Brand Consultants

Our team of brand consultants is experienced with NFTs, safe custody practices, and navigating the nuances of blockchain culture. Whether you're looking to launch a Web3 marketing campaign, build on your ENS domain or metaverse real estate, we're here to help!

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ENS Brokers

Our team of ENS brokers is growing! We select top collectors with a proven history of successfully facilitating high value transcations. With expertise and networking contacts across a wide variety of niche retail & service sectors, we're confident in our ability to reach end-buyers.


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Digital Asset Managers

Our asset managers are versed in the emergent area of Web3 digital real estate development. Whether you're developing a .eth domain, considering dropping a digital collectible / Non-Fungible Token (NFT), or growing your presenec in the metaverse, we can be of service. Our digital real estate management team retains access to top talent & resources.

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Project Advisors

When launching this venture, we sought the counsel of veteran blockchain builders. Thank you for your continued guidance.